#15. Stuff Moms Like: Regret

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YOLO! No regrets! Carpe diem! Momento Mori! Those were the battle cries of the generations, when they were young and stupid of course, before they have jobs and mortgages and see teenagers as impulsive idiots without fully formed frontal lobes. Just yesterday I was reading an article about the Stephentown 300 and I thought to myself, "Those poor, stupid kids... they're hash-tagging YOLO, … [Read more...]

How to Strip And Paint An Exterior Door

How to Strip and Paint Exterior Door

I hated this ugly red door from the moment we bought our house. It had a terribly sloppy paint job and an awful wreath hanger super glued to it. When I pried off the hanger, it revealed multiple layers of paint over a metal door. I didn't think it was salvageable and looked into purchasing a new door, but the cost forced me to reconsider. We decided to give it a weekend and see if we could … [Read more...]

#14. Stuff Moms Like: Commiserating

Stuff Moms Like: Commiserating! #stuffmomslike

Before I get to my thoughts, I have to clarify the meaning of commiserating. I am a total word nerd so please bear with me. For a long time I thought "commiserating" was about people wallowing together in their misery (ie. co-misery). All of those Facebook whiners who are constantly negative and are looking for someone to join them? I thought they wanted to commiserate. But, apparently I was … [Read more...]

Unrealistic Images And Our Teenage Girls

Recently Seventeen Magazine agreed to stop digitally altering images of girls and women that appear in their magazine. This commitment was made following pressure from their (teenage) readers and an online petition started by an eighth grade girl. When I heard this story, I wanted to know more, which lead me to an organization called SPARK. According to their website: SPARK is a girl-fueled … [Read more...]

Quick Mom Tip: Pizza Wheel


Use a pizza wheel to quickly and easily cut up food. It is perfect for cutting pancakes, french toast, and waffles. I also use it for effortlessly cutting sandwiches, quesadillas, roll-ups, and even spaghetti! I seriously use our pizza wheel everyday. It take it out of the dishwasher, use it, and put it back into the dishwasher. I take it out of the dishwasher, use it, and put it back into the … [Read more...]

Cloud Dough


If you're on Pinterest or following any mom blogs, you've probably already heard of Cloud Dough, but I thought I'd share it with those of you who don't have an internet addiction. Cloud Dough is a DIY substance that molds and sticks somewhat like wet sand, but it's more crumbly. It is a fun indoor activity for older kids (5+) and a great outdoor activity for the little ones. I let my 2 and … [Read more...]

#13. Stuff Moms Like: Minivan Signs


I've long said that we need a dry-erase board in our van so we can explain things to other drivers. For instance, my husband doesn't like it much when he has to ride shotgun on long trips because I get carsick. I keep telling him that I am going to make a sign for him to put in his window that says, "My wife is only driving because she gets carsick." That led me to think of a few other signs that … [Read more...]

Glow Bath


This idea came to me when Doodle had a glow bracelet on his wrist (a potty training prize) and it was time for a bath. He didn't want to take it off and I thought, why not let him take it in? It's waterproof. The boys had fun turning off the lights and seeing it glow underwater, but it was still pretty dark. To make the bath "really cool" we would need more bracelets! I went back to the Dollar … [Read more...]

Family Organization Center


I created this simple organization center by making a wall pocket, a whiteboard calendar, and hanging blank whiteboard. The framed whiteboards, magnets, small markers, and magnetic cup are all from The Board Dudes. Wall Pocket The wall pocket holds file folders for papers that need to be sorted, referenced, or taken somewhere (school forms, medical forms, current bills, recipes, coupons, etc.) … [Read more...]

Birthday Treat: Berry Parfaits!


This week I had the privilege of taking my very first birthday treat to school for Doodle. It was his half birthday, since he wasn't in school on his actual birthday, but it was his day to shine, just the same. Given that the treat connoisseurs would be preschoolers I knew I didn't want to take cupcakes (sugar!) and when I looked at the birthday celebration email I found that they're not allowed … [Read more...]